Dr. Eric Salomon

Dr. Eric Salomon

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

GeoZentrum Nordbayern
Lehrstuhl für Geologie

Schlossgarten 5
91054 Erlangen

My research focuses on structural geology, structural diagenesis, sedimentology, and fluid circulation. Topics range from large-scale tectonics (e.g. continental breakup) to local scale deformation and alteration (e.g. grain breakage and cementation). My studies aim for a cross-disciplinary approach combining field work, remote sensing, microstructural observations, geochronology, and geochemical / stable isotope analyses.

  • Effects of rapid burial on compaction of dry aeolian sandstone (NW Namibia)
  • Structural evolution of syn-rift border faults and its impact on fluid circulation and basin sediment diagenesis (Wollaston Forland, NE Greenland)
  • Evolution of fault-controlled fluid circulation in geothermal target fields (Menderes Massif, W Turkey)